[time-nuts] Vectron / WJ OXCO. Anyone know? / Freq counter needed.

brice at weaponeer.com brice at weaponeer.com
Mon Jun 8 01:30:00 EDT 2009

Vectron OXCO 233-5368-1 / WJ 708249-001

2.0" / 2.0" / 0.50"
SMA output / mil spec, Al sheet surface mount, 4 mounting studs

E1 orange / E2 black / E3 white / E4 (case ground)

Probably FSN 5955-01-144-2344

Alt part # may be V26G893 . May be 100MHZ 
Can possibly get several more, new. Limited test equipment here, found conflicting data on part #'s.

All needed is voltages or pinouts. Sounds silly, do not want to guess. 

Thanks, Bill 

William Rice
Round Rock, Texas. 


Frequency counter needed? 
If you are serious need more info.
Range, Resolution, Size, Accuracy, Cost etc. Just messing around or are into serious counting. 
I can get you a stable older HP cheap with low resolution for basic measurements cheap.. Plenty of 2ghz plastic case units out there. 
5370a good. Watch out for Cheesebay 5342A's. Have had many problems with front PCB's and connect with motherboard, also bad range switch. 
Many are Telco units and are burned out. Almost threw one of mine off a 2 story deck. The list goes on and on.
Plenty of nice used newer units out there. 
Good luck.

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