[time-nuts] FE-5680A heat sink

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Mon Jun 8 15:20:03 EDT 2009

In message: <4A2D60A2.3030409 at erols.com>
            Chuck Harris <cfharris at erols.com> writes:
: I'm pretty sure that mornings should be banned.

Perty much...  Nobody has a "breathalizer" to ensure that you are
sufficiently caffeinated to give a good chance of a coherent reply :)
Lord know that would have saved me much embarrassment over the

However, since this is time-nuts, and we do deal with things on the
hairy edge of what is possible, I'm sure someone will point to a side
project that they've done that does just this, with schematics
available for download form their web site :)


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