[time-nuts] For Sale: AVCOM MDM-1575-8 GPS antenna splitter

Eric Wolf eric.n5ebw at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:31:33 EDT 2009

Sorry my post to the list is not meaningful and is something for sale,
extenuating circumstances of life at the moment.

Up for sale is an AVCOM MDM-1575-8 GPS antenna splitter, in good working

This unit was made for one company who used it for GPS work, and was not a
full production unit.  The heart of the unit is a passive Mini-Circuits
ZB8PD-2 Power Splitter being fed by an amplified GPS input signal.
According to the specs for the Mini-Circuits Splitter, it uses a port
isolation of 20-25 dB.  The unit powers on, and is guaranteed against DOA.
All ports have been verified working (By another Time Nuts list member no
less!), and the +5 volt DC signal also works.

There's not much technical specification on the unit available per AVCOM,
but they confirmed that all ports are amplified so that you have unity gain
out after splitting 8 ways, inputs are DC blocked, and there is 5V LNA out
on each port for powering a GPS antenna.  If there are any questions that I
can't answer (What's in this post is basically what I know, and I think all
they know too), AVCOM of Virginia can be reached at 804-794-2500.

I do have pictures of the unit and documentation on the power splitter in
PDF format upon request.  Please contact me off-list if interested.  First
offer of $225 USD + shipping takes it!

I have no use for this item and don't foresee needing it in the future, so I
would like someone else to get some use out of it.

-Eric, N5EBW

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