[time-nuts] need programmable pulse output

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Fri Jun 12 00:17:55 EDT 2009

Hi Pieter,

Is this what you're looking for?


    The GPS receiver outputs a one pulse-per second (1PPS) signal with 
the rising edge
    placed on top of the GPS/UTC one second tic mark. The 1PPS Offset 
command allows
    the user to offset the 1PPS time mark in one nanosecond increments. 
This offset can
    be used to place the 1PPS signal anywhere within the one second epoch.

This command is available in the Motorola M12T, M12+, UT+, and VP boards. 

For more modern boards, the same command is implemented in the I-Lotus 
M12M and the Navsync CW-25 module with the Motorola firmware load.  Be 
careful if the programmable 10 MHz output on the CW-25 is of interest to 
you.  I bought it last year and at that time it was NOT programmable 
with the Motorola firmware load.  It's fixed at 10 MHz unless you get 
Navsync to do some custom development.  The speed is only programmable 
with the NMEA firmware load.


RFSPACE wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a GPS module or receiver that has a programmable 
> pulse output in time. I am trying to start two data captures a couple 
> of hundred miles appart for a bistatic RADAR. I need to program the 
> UTC time and maybe the increment when I want the pulses to come out. I 
> am trying to find something relatively cheap before I go layout a 
> board that looks at the NMEA output and gates the 1pps.
> Thanks,
> Pieter - N4IP
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