[time-nuts] Thunderbolt stability and ambient temperature

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sat Jun 13 13:59:04 EDT 2009

Chuck, I don't dispute that you can contain water in plastic a long time,
but, if some does escape it may not matter to the bottle contents, but it
could well raise the humidity of the surround w/in a tightly sealed
oven/box/enclosure. Electronics does not much like high humidity.



> Sigh!  I guess the point is still being missed.  It isn't hard at
> all to keep water in a container.  The plastic water bottle scenario
> was created to put the issue into perspective.  Perhaps some plastic
> bottles don't have the staying power to last into the next century,
> but that doesn't in any way indicate that it is a difficult problem.
> There are metal cans that have held liquids for centuries.  There
> are glass, and ceramic bottles that have held liquids for thousands
> of years.
> Surely if you wanted to use a quantity of water to act as a thermal
> ballast, or cushion, it would be worth the tiny amount of effort
> necessary to enclose it?  Perhaps something glued up out of Schedule
> 40 PVC pipe?  Or maybe a Nalgene bottle?  Or a thick walled LDPE
> bottle?  Even a concrete tank wouldn't be out of the question if
> you needed a big enough ballast.  There are concrete basins that
> have been holding water for decades.
> Don't let the fact that water might leak dissuade you from using
> it as a cheap highly capable thermal ballast.
> -Chuck Harris
> Thomas A. Frank wrote:
>> More to the point, you will be disappointed to find the bottles will NOT
>> last that long.
>> Cleaning out the cupboard recently, I can across some bottled water that
>> had 1998 date codes.  Several had leaked, but one was still intact
>> enough to show the likely problem.  It would appear that over the past
>> 10 years, the gases dissolved in the water migrated through the plastic
>> (or the cap seal), resulting in a vacuum forming in the bottle.  This
>> distended the bottles and caused structural failure.
>> Either that, or the water caused the plastic to shrink.
>> Glass would probably fair better.
>> Tom Frank, KA2CDK
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