[time-nuts] Time/freq from digital TV

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This may not relate to the USA but a couple of years back I had an
interesting chat with a BBC engineer at an NPL Time and Frequency gathering
at Teddington. His comment was along the lines of....."....well there is as
you realise not need to sync lines and frames nationally now because all the
network content travels digitally even though we have only just started a
phased change-over. The frames and line syncs broadcast will be probably
derived from a "good clock" but it will not be a single traceable unit as it
was. There is no telling how good the clock is, though it will probably be
better than absolutely necesary.

Alan G3NYK
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> My radio has many news stories about the end of analog TV.
> What sort of time or frequency can I get from a digital TV signal?
> Now that frame buffers are common, does each station use its own master
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