[time-nuts] Lady Heather DOS version

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 14 19:10:56 EDT 2009

Thanks, no problem I'm sure one of my neighbors has a windows PC ... just kidding this PC is windows. 


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The DOS version is also included with the Win32 distribution at
http://www.ke5fx.com/heather/setup.exe .  It's called heathdos.exe, and will
appear in your installation directory after running the setup program.  (Of
course the setup program itself has to run under Windows, but if that's a
problem I can upload heathdos.exe to the same http directory.)

-- john, KE5FX

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> I can find the win32 version aka "setup.exe" but looking for the
> dos version for 800/600 screen version have an old Compaq laptop.
> I would be glad to host files for both versions if that is OK.
> Stanley

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