[time-nuts] FE-5680A thermal management

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Mon Jun 15 03:32:50 EDT 2009

Hal Murray wrote:

>Leigh at WA5ZNU.org said:
>>For reference, Ridge Equipment has a photo of one of this year's crop
>>of  FE-5680A mounted to a large aluminum plate.
>Is that an aluminum plate or the top side of a PCB used as a heat sink?
>To me, the first picture looks green/FR4 around the edges. (and a stripe on 
>the left)
Yes, that is a portion of the board I described in an earlier message. 
The board is thick fiberglass plated heavily on both the top and bottom. 
The board in the picture has been cut both above and below the 5680A. 
The plating ended about where the lower cut is, but the plating 
continued farther above the top of the unit in the picture. My earlier 
message gave the dimensions.

One minor note about this board. The screws holding the 5680 to the 
borad were an unusual type. I can't remember, I think they may have been 
a square drive. They were difficult to remove as I had no proper tool to 
unscrew them. I think I made something from steel rod to start them 

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