[time-nuts] HP5370A self test fault characteristics and diagnosis

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jun 19 00:53:54 EDT 2009

For the benefit of HP5370A and/or HP5370B users I have added a webpage
detailing the characteristics and diagnosis of a fault that my HP5370A
recently developed.
With the 10MHz rear panel output connected to both inputs it developed
an overange error when set to measure the time delay between the START
and STOP inputs.
Details are on the  web page:


At Didier's suggestion I've also included a link detailing the imaging
setup and camera settings etc used to acquire the chip image on the
above page.
Whilst it is possible to obtain good quality images with less precise
multiaxis positioner than those used, at least it is very easy using
such equipment
The chip image confirms the diagnosis inferred from measurements of
various signals within the 5370A.

Replacing A22U21 cured the problem,


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