[time-nuts] Bulova PCOXO...

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Jun 19 09:03:16 EDT 2009

Oooh!  Way to hijack a thread... on the first response too!

All Bulova Accutrons can be adjusted to work with a 1.5V cell.
If the specifications are to be believed, they are all supposed
to work up to 1.7V when properly adjusted... They don't, though.

The adjustment is not for the non watchmaker, though.  It requires
a 30x microscope, and a very steady hand.  The Bulova test jig is
helpful too.

-Chuck Harris

Mark Sims wrote:
> Actually,  that may be more of a problem than you think.  These originally ran on a 1.35V mercury battery.  A 1.5V
> alkaline cell can overdrive the tuning fork causing the watch to run fast or not at all.
> The watch may be able to be adjusted to work with the modern battery or you need to use an "Accucell" battery.  This
> is a standard battery that is mounted in a machined brass holder with a dropping diode.
> ---------------------------------------- I still have one I bought for around $125 or 150 in Hawail in 1966.  I'm 
> sure with a fresh battery it wud still work.. I have the see-thru model.
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