[time-nuts] Thunderbolt - any negatives ?

Mike Monett xde-l2g3 at myamail.com
Fri Jun 19 22:57:32 EDT 2009

> Hi Mike:

> I think it's National semi that has an app note talking about how
> the topology relates to noise output. Some are bad others are much
> better.

> Have Fun,

> Brooke Clarke
> http://www.prc68.com

Hi Brooke,

Do you recall the number or title of the National app note?

One of the techiques used in the Linear Technology Low Noise
switchers is to limit the slew rate of the switching waveform. As
mentioned in my web page, two models are:

LT1533 - Ultralow Noise 1A Switching Regulator. This uses a
conventional push-pull transformer with diode rectifiers on the


and the LT1534 ultralow noise switching regulator. This one is for
buck, boost, inverting, SEPIC, etc.


The following app notes are also useful:

AN70 A Monolithic Switching Regulator with 100uV Output Noise

snan70 (corrects pin number errors in AN70)

AN75 Circuitry for Signal Conditioning and Power Conversion

AN118 - High Voltage, Low Noise, DC/DC Converters

LT1533 Ultralow Noise Switching Regulator for High Voltage or High Current

I hope the links don't get mangled too badly!


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