[time-nuts] Volt-nuts cooperation?

Dick Moore richiem at hughes.net
Sat Jun 20 15:31:03 EDT 2009

A couple of times a year, I could really use an HP 3458A. No way can I  
justify spending upwards of $4-5k for such limited use. So, maybe some  
of us could form a buyer/user group to share the cost of one of these  
instruments, which could put it in the range of affordability for  
each. For example, ten of us could have the instrument for two weeks  
each twice a year, and the cost for each comes down to that for a  

These instruments ship well (at least within the continental US, via  
FedEx or UPS), are very stable, and self-calibrate, needing a full cal  
(which uses a 10kohm resistor and a 10VDC source) once every couple of  
years to keep within tolerable specs. I've rented one once and I found  
that it really needed to self-cal once every couple of days to stay  
repeatable, especially on ohms and AC.

My confidence in my Fluke 5440B Direct Valtage Calibrator, two Fluke  
732A 10V standards, and two Datron 1082 7-1/2-digit DMMs would go way  
up, not to mention keeping a few other things checked and accounted  
for, like resistance standards.

I'm willing to ante-up up to $1k to get us started, if there is any  
interest here among the US time-nuts.

Best to reply to me at:
richiem at hughes.net.

We can work our details if the interest is sufficient.

Dick Moore

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