[time-nuts] GPSDO 10 MHz Distribution Amp

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Sun Jun 21 12:18:51 EDT 2009

In the next couple weeks, I plan on distributing the output of my GPSDO to a 
pair of Icom transceivers.  I've thought about using a DA like the TAPR 
TADD-1, but it seems that I can simply split the output of the +13 dBm GPSDO 
with a Z=50, 3dB equal power divider, that will yield an output of ~ +9.5 
dBm to each transceiver.

I can't foresee any port isolation issues that would make necessitate the 
use of the DA for this application and the 3 dB "hit" in level to each 
transceiver still seems reasonable for proper transceiver operation.  Am I 
not considering something important?  Also, I do not want to add any noise 
with such a distribution that would in any way destroy the excellent phase 
noise characteristics of my GPSDO.  Thoughts?

Paul, W9AC 

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