[time-nuts] TNC connectors

David C. Partridge david.partridge at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jun 23 04:28:44 EDT 2009

I'm thinking of buying a Panasonic VIC100 timing antenna with a 50 ohm TNC
connector (I assume) from fluke.l on eBay, as the room I use for my den has
moved to one without a view to the south, so I can't use the puck antenna
mounted just outside the window any more.

The T-Bolt manual recommends 75 ohm coax, so will a 75 ohm TNC mate with a
50 ohm TNC without problems?   Though I suppose for a short run of cable, 50
ohm will be OK?

PS Where do you get the (1" diameter?) threaded poles these antennas screw

David Partridge

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