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However,  it's years since I saw a 75r version, so I don't know for sure.
Doing that  with BNC's will lead to a flaky connection, as the centre pin
on the 75r  ones is much smaller.  The other way round (50r plug into 75r
socket)  will damage the socket.  As TNC's are very similar to BNC's  ???

This belief about BNC connectors seems to be an "urban myth", although  
admittedly one that I shared for many years.
Whether or not it has been true at some time in the past, or of some  
manufacturers, I don't know but the following is a current quote from  
Two distinct types of 75 Ω BNCs are available, and  both mate with each 
other and with 50 Ω BNCs. Type 1 is  designated 75 Ω BNC-T1 and provides 
constant 75 Ω performance with low VSWR DC – 4 GHz. Type 2 is designated  75 Ω 
BNC-T2 and is usable with low reflection DC - 1  GHz. For applications above 
1 GHz, Type 1 is recommended. 
The full text of this can be found at....
and I've seen similar comments from other manufacturers.

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