[time-nuts] Introduction of Z38XX

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Wed Jun 24 00:17:23 EDT 2009

Hi Ulrich,
since our FireFly and Fury GPSDO's support GPSCon as well, I tried  your 
plot program.
We use 115.200 baud by default, but when I set your program to that speed,  
it defaults back to 57600 for some reason. Changing our board's baud rate 
fixed  that problem.
Our status output is shown properly in your status window (see below), and  
the *IDN? string is shown as well, but the program says "the last 
smartclock  status is undefined".
What commands do you use to query the GPSDO that it may  be getting hung up 
Your software looks quite nice, and It would be great if your software  
could support our units like GPSCon does.

Thanks in advance,
The status window in your software shows the following:
AQUISITION  ................................................
Tracking:10         Not Tracking:  3              
PRN  El  Az   SS   PRN  El   Az                  
2  42 175   24    14   0  331                 
4  59 119   21    28  17  101                 
9  59 283   33    51  44  156                 
12  27 303    25                               
15   6 218    11                               
17  36  49    29                               
20   1  47    19                               
26  18 267    29                               
27  65 250    33                               
48  45 197    39                               

UTC       4:12:45  24 Jun  2009
LAT      N  37:16:17.915
LON      W  121:57:26.719
HGT              71.20 m (MSL)
HEALTH  MONITOR................................................
OCXO Current:  OK    EFC: OK
GPS Receiver Status: 3D Fix
GPSDO Status : Locked

In a message dated 6/23/2009 02:29:05 Pacific Daylight Time,  
df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de writes:

Z38XX talks to the Z3801/5/16 with a exact 10 s time base which  means the
PPS TI delivered can be used for the computation of Allan  deviation (and
other measures) of the internal phase comparator with a Tau0  = 10 s (which
is done internally in Z38XX similar as in Lady  Heather).

The sat's horizont line in the Azimuth / Elevation chart will  look strange
in the first hours after program start. Give it some days  until it looks as
attched or even better.

Have fun

Ulrich  Bangert

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