[time-nuts] LF power supply noise

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Wed Jun 24 04:43:42 EDT 2009

Mike Monett skrev:
>   Magnus wrote:
>   > I has  issues with the big permanent magnet of one of  my speakers
>   > made one  of my screens going all strange in colours.  I  had some
>   > backsides from  a  pair of racks which I  put  inbetween,  and the
>   > steel was  doing  a  good job as finding  a  better  path  for the
>   > magnetic fields than through my screen.
>   > Maybe you should put a few slabs of steel around that HP543310A to
>   > at least guide most of the magnetic fields back into the core.
>   > Cheers,
>   > Magnus
>   I was wondering where that funny HP number came from.  The HP543310A
>   was from  your  post  above,   and   I  just  copied  and  pasted it
>   everywhere as needed.
>   Then you blamed me for the mistake!
>   Way to go Magnus. I'll check things a bit more carefully now.

Not blame, you are making a chicken out of the feather... a mistyping 
can occur, I was just wondering why you where so consistent about it.

BTW, as for the HP appnote, you got the wrong one. I was refering to one 
written for HP 5371A and/or HP5372A and not the HP 5370A/B. I think it 
is in the App note 358 series. Regardless, I have not spent quality time 
over it as it does not address issues which is particular useful for me 
as I don't do disc drives and rarely to those low rates of bitstreams.


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