[time-nuts] Z3805 vs Z3816/Z3801

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Jun 25 15:22:56 EDT 2009

> Finally, a generic question about all 3 of these HP/Agilent/
> Symmetricon devices: I know the PPS spec -isn't- at RS-232 levels,
> however nor is the Garmin GPS-18, and that worked raw for me. Has
> anyone tried just feeding the PPS signal from a 3801/05/16 into the
> DCD pin of a serial port ?

I don't know about the 3805 or 3816, but the 3801 is RS-442 rather than 
RS-232.  It's all setup to talk RS-232, but you have to take it apart and 
shuffle some 0-ohm resistors.  While you are in there, you can make a similar 
patch for the PPS signal.


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