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	There were two popular ways to transmit IRIG time code: DC (TTL) level and AM on a 1kHz audio carrier. Your display might be jumpered for DC level code.

	Open it up, look around the input connector. I'll bet there's an internal switch or jumper to select DC or audio carrier.

	Happy tweaking.

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On 25-Jun-09 at 19:07 Robert Darlington wrote:

>Hi guys,
>What happened to Datachron?  I'm trying to dig up a manual for an IRIG-B
>display, Datachron model 3700-205 that I just picked up on eBay:
>It came in today and powers up, and looks just like it does in the
>pictures.  Doesn't seem to do anything more than that, either!   I'm trying
>to drive it using NMEATime software.  It seems that no matter what
>I'm using, the display does nothing.  I reseated all IC chips, wiggled
>connectors, the standard sort of thing.  No change.   Datachron appears to
>have gone out of business, but I'm hopeful that somebody just bought them,
>changed their name, and has a hidden supply of manuals somewhere.
>Bob, N3XKB
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