[time-nuts] Z3805 vs Z3816/Z3801

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jun 26 04:29:38 EDT 2009

>> d) Anyone know if it works with the Type 26 NTP reference 
>> clock driver ? Anyone actually have it running this way ?

> The only difference in communication against a Z3801 that I could find
> as far comes from the 16 channel receiver: It needs more lines in the
> status screen to list all tracked sats. So my guess is that it should
> run with any software that does not rely TOO strong on positions on
> the status screen. 

The HP driver in ntpd sends an occasional ":PTIME:TCODE?\" and expects to get 
a format 2 response.  I'd have to check the code to be sure of the details.

There is an option that I'm not familiar with to log the status screen.  It 
expects 24x80 characters.  If something similar to a Z3801 has a different 
size screen we should be able to work out something....   That's assuming it 
works without logging the status screen.

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