[time-nuts] GPS-based frequency reference in "Everyday Practical Electronics"

Clint Jeffrey clintonjeffrey1 at bigpond.com
Sun Jun 28 09:07:54 EDT 2009

Hi Folks,
              Same here, I've just completed the ordering process which also 
meant signing up to a Google Check out thing...oh well...anyway I'm also 
waiting for the next phase so I can download the articles...


Clint - VK3CSJ

Good catch, thanks! I just ordered both back issues. That'll give me 
something to do with the 15L module I have stashed in my bench drawer.

One question: I placed the order, and completed the checkout process, but 
have not yet been able to download the issues. As near as I can tell, the 
publishers actually E-mail you a download link once they finish processing 
on their end, yes? If that's the case, I'm guessing I won't see the download 
code until, say, Monday?
Happy timing.

On 28-Jun-09 at 09:48 Don Key wrote:

Was just catching up on my past issues of "Everyday Practical
Electronics" when I noticed that the April & May 2009 issues featured a
constructional article for a GPS-based frequency reference.

It is based on the Garmin "GPS 15L" module, and the unit provides a 10MHz,
1MHz & 1pps output. It has an LCD display to show time, date, position,
number of satellites etc.

Back issues are available here:-

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