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Sun Jun 28 17:57:03 EDT 2009

Magnus Danielson wrote:

> Do read the article I referred to on aging. I think that any 
> gravitational issues during the eclipse event is far less than the 
> effect of sudden cooling, loss of sunlight. Does the ionspheric TEC 
> change drastically? You need a good L1/L2 GPS receiver for that.
> What is the means of comparision? 100 kHz radio transmissions? GPS? What 
> medium was used? Can any eclipse effects be seen in that medium?
> Multiple phase comparision methods is needed to rinse out the effects of 
> them from that of the clocks themselves. Expect everything to change and 
> figure out ways to measure that to clear out what was affected and not.
> For freak-events like this, everyone has their favorite root cause.

We are aware that there are hidden traps, and we try to 
diversify and cross-correlare experiments of different nature.
The progress is very slow because eclipses are rare events at 
any given location, but they occur twice a year on the planet,
and I just thought to take advantage of satellites to possibly
speed-up the work. I don't believe the idea is completely new.
What is new, I think, is looking for sudden jumps, which may 
have been filtered out by other workers. The thermal shock at 
crossing the shadow is a severe issue, but some instruments 
detected effects before and after the optical eclipse and on 
the anti-eclipse path (the other side of the planet). There is
a non-official position of NASA on this, read MSG#26 at 


(....We have a number of anomalies recorded on different....).

Not sure my idea is good, but what to do waiting for the next 
eclipse here? Should it be within my reach, I would be pleased
to try looking at sats. 

Or, maybe, time-nuts who happen to be in the eclipse path in 
the future with their cesium clocks, could help. Or, further, 
time-nuts may have suggestions such as I'm getting from you. 
In the future, in case, I will ask you what you mean by "good"
L1/l2 receiver.

(I apologize for for some OT content)

Antonio I8IOV

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