[time-nuts] Generating 66.666...MHz from 10MHz

Christophe Huygens christophe.huygens at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jun 29 03:01:18 EDT 2009

My solution is to lock a 1GHZ Crystek resonator
to 10MHz, and then use this to drive a DDS AD9912.
Recent generations of DDS are quite impressive.



Murray Greenman wrote:
> Here's an idea which actually works (I tried it). Rather than lock at
> 10MHz, you lock directly to 1pps.
> You can lock an XO to 1/3 Hz steps by locking to 1pps and ignoring two
> out of three results from the TIC. I did it at 7.333MHz, using an
> AT90S2313 micro, and you could just as easily do it at 8.333... and then
> multiply by 8.
> Yes, it does leave you with a very low loop frequency! Although I've not
> tried it, you could potentially add 120 degrees equivalent to one
> intermediate TIC result and subtract 120 degrees from the next, and so
> lock at 1Hz.
> 73,
> Murray ZL1BPU
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