[time-nuts] GPSDO project - 66.667MHz from 10MHz

Nic McLean mcleann at bigpond.com
Mon Jun 29 06:16:54 EDT 2009

Hi Luis,
Are kits available again for your design?

Subject: Re: [time-nuts] GPSDO project - 66.667MHz from 10MHz

Both for locking with a 10MHz or 1pps you have a
single chip solution using one of my reflock designs.


For a 1pps lock of fractional 1/3 frequencies you have
already a code. (check the list of files for reflock 1)

For locking a 66.666(6) VCXO to 10MHz you can use the same
reflock I design and the configuration is kind of trivial
(but no one asked for it before) and I can make a file
for you.

Luis Cupido

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