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John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Tue Jun 30 14:40:16 EDT 2009

For really good adapters, I've had good luck with S.M. Electronics 
(http://www.smelectronicsllc.com).  They are pricey -- like $24-$36 each 
for 18 GHz stainless N-to-something adapters, but I think on the whole 
cheaper than Pasternack, and they often stock several grades (with 
specified frequency for SWR) at different price points.

I've been really happy with the quality, and they usually ship the same 
day.  They also have a really wide variety of adapters available -- they 
can match just about anything to anything else.  Their stuff is probably 
overkill for antenna cable adapters, but is great for use on test equipment.

Lester Veenstra wrote:
> I suggest you try The RF Connection for adapters:
> NM/FF 
> N(M)/F(F) 
> 3.00
> http://therfc.com/
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> ……..n in two TNC to F adapters so I could go to ordinary RadioShack cable TV
> cable.  I received two TNC to N instead.  This cost me $5!  No complaints,
> just a minor annoyance, but now I have a pair of adapters I didn't have
> before …………
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