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> Yes, you can just leave the unit running without much 
> problem,  but what works really well is to use an old laptop 
> as a permanent monitoring device.   You can get them for 
> around 20 bucks...  Lady Heather was created for Thunderbolt 
> just such a situation.   Much more entertaining and 
> informative than das blinkenlights.  There are DOS and 
> Windows versions available in the download at:
> http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/heather/readme.htm

Even better would be some ambitious amateur programming one of the little LCD+microcontroller widgets to make a display.  Probably not worth it, dollar wise, but might be nice, especially for a field operation (e.g. setting up a hilltopping microwave setup or something like that.. Minimize the number of separate boxes, etc.)

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