[time-nuts] fleabay cesium

Richard W. Solomon w1ksz at earthlink.net
Sat May 9 00:19:07 EDT 2009

OK, dumb question time.

I have a few GPSDO's (Trimble T-Bolt, Z3801A, TrueTime & HB units).
How much better can the Cesium be than any of those ??

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>The cesium is from the same source as the two HP 5062. A friend of mine is selling them for me. I am in the process of cleaning house and that is also where the FTS1200 came from. More things are to come. I think this one is a later model because it has the newer power supply board and the DC cesium oven controller. I think it is the one unit. It should say in the description. I know I tested it, also measured beam current with the LF test. It des not have the two lights but during test they where installed and the pictures are of the actual unit. If you want to know any thing else please let me know.? Bert Kehren Miami
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>seems to be a decent price cesium for sale ($600 starting HP5061A)?
>nobody has bid and 21 hours left...?
>just a heads up - I know nothing about the unit or the dealer...?
>Brian KD4FM?
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