[time-nuts] Help needed: Jupiter-T TU60-D120

Lasse lasse.moell at swipnet.se
Sun May 10 05:40:39 EDT 2009

I got a Jupiter-T TU60 off eBay and my intentions are (was) to get a 
diciplined oscillator running.
Somehow I expected it to be pretty similar (command wise) to a TU-30 
wich is up and running here, but must have missed the information that
it starts in Motorola Bin??

My TU60 will just say "ff 81 9c 04 01 00 00 00 64 79 00 00 00 00"  at 
power-up (Message ID 1180) once, then nothing.
After installing TAC32 (demo) yesterday I managed (don't ask me how) get 
the uint running, everything looked OK,  I then wanted to put it inot 
Navman Bin mode. This should be safe as according to datasheet as it 
will revert to Motorola commands when cycling the power. After trying 
@@Wb, but nothing from Labmon/WinLabmon, and  now TAC32 cannot get in 
contact with the GPS,
I let the GPS be off power over night but it sill refuses to connect to 

Have I put my Jupiter in a mode that I cannot revert? It still reports 
the MessageID 1180 at power-on.
Or was I just plain lucky once to somhow fool TAC32 to get the Jupiter 
to run?

Any hints or comments are most welcome!


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