[time-nuts] 5070B once more.... (actually 5370A fans)

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Fri May 22 17:03:19 EDT 2009

M. Warner Losh wrote:
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> : richard at karlquist.com said:
>> : Did you have any trouble convincing the airlines and/or FAA that it was
> safe
> : to take an atomic clock on a plane?

I never heard about any issues of hand carried atomic clocks.
The old photos of Len Cutler watching the airline porters carrying
the clock up the stairs to the plane give the impression that
the airline was honored to be asked to participate.
There is a very long story about this that boiled to the
the idea that the cesium beam tube itself has been approved as
a shipping container for the cesium.  If you have ever picked
up a cesium beam tube, you will appreciate that it is built
like a battleship.  Thus it requires no special
shipping container for either a replacement tube or an instrument.
The tube says "cesium device; nonradioactive".

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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