[time-nuts] PCI IRIG receiver card for AIX?

Joseph M Gwinn gwinn at raytheon.com
Thu May 28 16:40:20 EDT 2009

time-nuts-bounces at febo.com wrote on 05/27/2009 10:43:18 PM:

> > Does anybody know of any PCI cards that will receive IRIG-B time 
> > signals and come with an I/O driver for AIX (IBM's flavor of UNIX)? 
> > Industrial-grade commercial products are preferred.
> In the past I have, on one occasion, been able to use a regular audio
> card for this, and I used the IRIG_AUDIO refclock with ntpd for this.
> I don't know if that is what you have in mind but it should be an
> option.

Hmm.  That isn't what I had in mind, although you cannot tell from how I 
phrased the query.  Audio cards cannot generate the time interrupts et al, 
so I'm looking for a IRIG receiver card that fits in a PCI bus slot, and 
the AIX I/O driver to allow user software to utilize the card.


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