[time-nuts] Surplus Places...

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 1 01:33:34 EDT 2010

Rex wrote:
> jimlux wrote:
>> Scott Burris wrote:
>>> C&H closed briefly to move and is now open in Duarte:
>>> http://www.candhsurplus.com/
>>> At Apex, a friend tried to purchase a nose cone from a rocket, but 
>>> they declined
>>> to sell it to him because they were making too much money renting it 
>>> out to movie studios.
>>> Scott
>> That is precisely the reason for outrageous prices at Apex.  If it 
>> makes  a good prop (spinning mag tape drives, panels with lots of 
>> switches and lights, etc.) then they can make hundreds of dollars a 
>> week in rental.
> Maybe, I don't hang out in LA land much.
> I went somewhere once and am pretty sure it must have been Apex - had 
> the same random back yard. I found a couple big-ass bearings, close to 3 
> inch ID. I had some project in mind and they gave me a reasonable price, 
> maybe $5 each, So, lots of stuff is over priced, but maybe if you browse 
> a while, you may find some stuff that can be negotiated at a mutual 
> advantage.

that's exactly it...no art director or set decorator is wandering 
through Apex saying "I wish I could find some 3" bearings"... they're 
wandering going "I need 3 of those big tall panel things with the blinky 
lights", and the Apex guys, say, no problem.. we'll deliver them to the 
set tomorrow for $100/week each.

So your bearings are cheap. Rocket nose cones are not.

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