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Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 1 08:57:55 EDT 2010

Also in S. California is Murphys surpus. http://www.murphyjunk.bizland.com/
Too keep it on topic he has VLF/OMEGA receivers and a Rockwell NavCore GPS listed.
Won't export anything though, I think he's been put on notice.
Robert G8RPI.

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In the Southern, California - Los Angeles area, we have a place called Apex Electronics.  Some of the prices in the past have been outrageous, but now seem to becoming more reasonable.  Right now there seems to be a ton of NTSC TV stuffs coming in the doors.  I think you could spend days foraging around at Apex.

Here's a link that really doesn't even begin to do it justice:


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