[time-nuts] Surplus Places...

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Thu Apr 1 12:50:45 EDT 2010

Mike is active on the ArmyRadios Yahoo Group.

He won't export because of the erratic and irrational policies of the US
authorities. In his opinion, it is just not worth the effort and risk

Apparently, the US authorities can come back, years after an item has been
sold, and demand it back and not compensate for costs. Ot just does not
pay and he's NOT going to jail for some small sale.

Can't say I blame him.




> Also in S. California is Murphys surpus.
> http://www.murphyjunk.bizland.com/
> Too keep it on topic he has VLF/OMEGA receivers and a Rockwell NavCore GPS
> listed.
> Won't export anything though, I think he's been put on notice.
> Robert G8RPI.

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