[time-nuts] ISTPress

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Apr 6 21:44:36 EDT 2010

Thus far, they sent the post directly to the list owner, and not
to the list... a fairly honorable method.  They suggested that if
you felt the information was something that would be of use to any
of your subscribers, that you should post it on your group.

I wouldn't ban them, but I also wouldn't post their info.

-Chuck Harris

J. Forster wrote:
> I guess I should clarify a bit.
> I'm trying to decide if their posts to some of my email lists should be
> rejected and reported as spam. I'm not thinking of publishing with them.
> -John
> =======================
>> Looks OK, but fledgling. A lot of different journals, catering to
>> developing
>> country scholars, and very ambitious. Personally, I would try more
>> recognized outlets first.
>> Don
>> Dr. Don J. Latham
>> 17850 Six Mile Road
>> POBox 460134
>> Huson, MT 59846
>> 406-626-4304
>> www.sixmilesystems.com
>> www.lightningforensics.com
>> AJ7LL

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