[time-nuts] Symmetricom 5115

Nicholas S Wagner Nicholas.S.Wagner at aero.org
Wed Apr 7 17:17:53 EDT 2010

Sorry guys if I am out of line here. I Just joined and I am not sure of 
the mechanics yet.
I missed earlier messages in the thread. I gather someone is selling a 
Symmetricom 5115 for $11000.  ?
I happen to have(for my use) a 5125 which is their latest and greatest. It 
is similar to the others but takes a carrier up to 400 MHz.
It is a fantastic box in being easy to use and measuring a wide range of 
phase noise and allan dev. It also has a very nice network based remote 
I think we paid $30,000. for ours Unfortunately it (or the 5115) is out of 
range for my home lab. It is fun and educational to play with.

Nicholas Wagner
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Aerospace Corporation
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