[time-nuts] L1/L2 RX

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To be really useful right now, you would need to be able to work with P
codes or carrier phase. Both will cost you some money. Without a DOD
connection, the P code receiver won't do you much good. That gets you to the
"I want a carrier phase survey receiver that runs L1/L2" branch of the
decision tree. The phrase "how much is in your wallet?" comes to mind ....


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Hi gang,

Definite fishing expedition here.

Since I picked up the AntCom L1/L2 Choke Ring Antenna I have been 
looking around for an L1/L2 receiver to go with. No luck at all 
unless I want to layout multi K bucks for a real RTK receiver, which 
isn't going happen. So has anybody got anything, at "time-nuts" 
pricing, I might be able to acquire? Obviously this is for amateur 
time/position experimentation.


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