[time-nuts] Yukon Energy causes time sync problems

Thomas A. Frank ka2cdk at cox.net
Sat Apr 10 16:28:39 EDT 2010

On Apr 10, 2010, at 2:29 PM, Bill Hawkins wrote:

> Tom, I don't intend to challenge your knowledge but to discuss
> the subject. It's amazing what a different viewpoint can do, and
> how difficult it is to share viewpoints in email.

No worries.

> As a person who grew up with synchronous clocks, when real men used
> vacuum tubes, I find it incredible that a lightly loaded synchronous
> clock motor could go any faster than the line frequency. It can go
> slower if the bearings gum up with old oil and the motor drops out
> of sync. That's why I say that the reference clock slowed down.

If they use a fine tooth wheel with a ratchet, I can see it skipping  

> We can't resolve this until we know what Yukon was using for clocks.
> I thought the article implied that their reference clock was a wall
> clock somehow driven by some signal from some satellite. GPS wasn't
> mentioned.

Exactly, so I sent the paper the following email:


Your recent article about clocks running slow in your area was quite  
interesting, but as an electrical engineer, I found it rather confusing.

If time permits, would you mind explaining exactly what went wrong  

Did the line clock they use as a power line reference actually run  
excessively fast when it had no reason to?

Or did the GPS referenced clock they follow run slow?

Whichever is the case, do they have any idea what actually went  
wrong?  I do understand the part about adjusting the generator  
frequency, and how that can make everyones clock run slow; what I am  
having difficulty grasping is how their display/reference equipment  
malfunctioned to cause the misunderstanding in the first place.

Thank you very much for your time and kind assistance.


Tom Frank

Let's see what we get for a reply.



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