[time-nuts] GPS PPS smoothing article

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Apr 11 15:36:12 EDT 2010

Matt Ettus wrote:
> Interesting work.  They measured the "before" and "after" signals with
> 2 very different oscilloscopes one with 100 MHz BW and one with 500
> MHz, which they shouldn't trust..  I guess they only had 2 2-channel
> scopes in their lab.

Their methods did leave something to desire, but I thought it might be 
interesting approach never the less and could maybe be inspiring or at 
least give a different angle to things. I have been unable to figure out 
what the frequency is for the XO and what single-shot resolution the 
detector and the generator. But then, I did not spend quality time over it.


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