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Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Tue Apr 13 12:21:30 EDT 2010

Hi John:

In my youth I made black powder from drug store ingredients and later 
bought it in metal cans.

I think the relative cost of labor has changed greatly over time.  For 
example it used to be that you could buy a new U.S. automotive head lamp 
(reflector type) for under a dollar and have it installed and aligned 
for not much more money.  But today the lamp is still under a dollar but 
the installation and alignment is a small fortune.  By contrast a Honda 
lamp bulb (reflector is part of car) costs about $10 and you can install 
it in less than a minute, no alignment required.  The cost of the 
installed lamp is much lower for the Honda.

In order to lower the selling price it's common practice for a 
manufacturer to buy custom ICs which reduce board area.  But, being 
custom, there are no replacement parts so no repair.  When you can buy a 
new DVD player for about $40 it's a throwaway product, not economical to 
repair even if you could get parts.

The Toyota Prius under charges and under discharges it's battery (66% 
SOC & 33% SOC) to prolong it's life.  The battery lasts three times 
longer, the customer pays three times as much for the battery.   (I 
wonder if there's a hack to change the SOC limits?) Makes the warranty 
more impressive.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

J. Forster wrote:
> In the '50s, WW II was not ancient history. We met people who had used
> weapons, explosives, and other things in war and knew the risks. The same
> is true, but in a much more limited way, after 'Nam.
> However, starting in the '60s, society regarded science as evil and it
> became political. More recently, science has been warped to support
> political agendas.
> In a related way, cars, radios, TVs, and computers have "matured" to the
> point that even technically competant individuals can no longer modify or
> even repair them. (They still don't know if the Toyota failures are
> hardware, software, or a mix.)
> We are all becomng hostages to the priesthood of so called "experts" in
> big government and the big corporations, and we really have little idea
> what is fact and what is politically motivated disinformation.
> -John
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>> As a kid in the later 50's we made all sorts of pipe bombs and other
>> interesting things. Potassium Nitrate was available as Saltpeter in
>> drugstores as was other stuff, like Glycerin and Potassium Permologate.
>> Amazing, we had a fun time, and, no one was ever hurt. Today we would be
>> deemed as "terrorists". We could even go into a gun store and buy shotgun
>> shells to take apart just for the powder. Regards - Mike
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>> Yeah. I want fries with my fries. :=))
>> As a kid, doing real chemistry and physic was what made school fun. We had
>> real labs too! With real glassware and real chemicals.
>> I'd have been utterly bored stiff with what they are teaching now.
>> -John
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>>> "J. Forster"<jfor at quik.com>  wrote:
>>>> In the name of drug enforcement, Texas is completely stopping anyone
>>>> interested in science. I guess I was wrong in thinking Texas was
>>>> different
>>>> from the nanny states on the coasts.  The US is molding its kids into
>>>> good
>>>> football fans and Walmart clerks.
>>> No argument.
>>> BTW, you want fries with that?
>>> :-/
>>> -ls-
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