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Geeze......I was only trying to answer a question about phosphoric
acid...how thoughtless of me not to be cognizant of the connection between
phosphoric acid and politics/nanny state/etc. seems a bit tenuous but,....I
guess for some all existence is connected....  

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See lines prefaced by wh> below. Friday the 13th falls on Tuesday
this week.

Bill Hawkins 

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In the '50s, WW II was not ancient history. We met people who had used
weapons, explosives, and other things in war and knew the risks. The same
is true, but in a much more limited way, after 'Nam.

However, starting in the '60s, society regarded science as evil and it
became political.

wh> Science also became too complicated for a high-school education, so
people found other things to get excited about, like Reality TV.

More recently, science has been warped to support
political agendas.

wh> Politicians need lots of money to stay in politics, so many are
owned by the very big businesses that support them. Science is warped
by the interests of businesses that are too big to control.

In a related way, cars, radios, TVs, and computers have "matured" to the
point that even technically competant individuals can no longer modify or
even repair them. (They still don't know if the Toyota failures are
hardware, software, or a mix.)

wh> You've heard of "fly by wire" as used by Airbus? Now we're getting
"drive by wire" which replaces expensive mechanical linkages with
sensors, computers, and actuators. There's no physical linkage from the
accelerator to the carburetor, or the pedal to the brake hydraulic
system. Worse, you can spend money on aircraft controls because the
aircraft is so expensive, but car controls are as cheap as possible.

We are all becomng hostages to the priesthood of so called "experts" in
big government and the big corporations, and we really have little idea
what is fact and what is politically motivated disinformation.

wh> We could become a theocracy, but the leaders will be experts in the
technology of manipulating people and their fears.

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