[time-nuts] repairing Maser threads

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Tue Apr 13 14:29:39 EDT 2010

Corby wrote:

>What I hope will happen with the right product is that I apply it to the
>threads, screw in the bolt until it just contacts the lock washer, wait
>until the goop cures, and then
>tighten until the lock washer is compressed and the bolt is tight.
>Just don't know what product to try! Want to be able to disassemble
>without special tools or heating.

Tall order.  John already suggested helicoils, which are probably the 
best option.  To avoid messing with the chassis, you could turn some 
custom bolts that are slightly larger but with the same pitch (the 
standard pitch for M5 is 0.8 mm, so you'd make some "M5.2 x 0.8" or 
"M5.5 x 0.8" bolts).

I have had success in emergencies by getting the female threads 
surgically clean, then using metal-filled epoxy to fill up the 
threads and, after hardening, running a tap down them (leave several 
threads at the entrance unfilled, to get the tap started in synch 
with the originals).  But I don't consider this a proper repair and 
have always re-tapped for helicoils at the earliest opportunity.

Best regards,


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