[time-nuts] repairing Maser threads

G0MIC at aol.com G0MIC at aol.com
Tue Apr 13 14:34:06 EDT 2010

Hi Corby,
I don't have experience with the ion pump you mention but have  repaired 
several rotators (aluminium casting) where the threads have become very  worn 
or stripped using a product called recoil.  These are manufactured in  
Australia but available around the world.  You drill out the drill  specified for 
the size kit you are using and then tap the hole with the tap  provided in 
the kit. Once the hole is ready you insert the 'Recoil' using the  special 
tool provided and then break off and remove the tang following the  
instructions. Result - a threaded hole probably stronger than the  original.
These may also be known as Helicoils.
There is another method that uses a special solder but that requires  
heating the object up to the temperature  needed to melt the solder and may  not 
be suitable for what you want.  
Good Luck with the repair

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