[time-nuts] repairing Maser threads

steve gunsel sgunsel at verizon.net
Tue Apr 13 16:43:46 EDT 2010

Doesn't sound fishy at all to me. But I have much experience 
stripping threads. It is easy, just make it snug,then a "bit tighter".
Or, the threads could have been damaged by the original installer. 
That happens too (just not as often). If the fit was a bit on the 
loose side initially, it could look like a lot of the thread remains. 
With little stress or vibration, it could remain happily in place for 
some time.  Of course, installing the wrong diameter screw with the 
correct pitch could do the same.

At 04:15 PM 4/13/2010, Hal Murray wrote:

>cdelect at juno.com said:
> > I recently installed a new ion pump in an EFOS2 Hydrogen maser and two of
> > the mounting holes (metric M5) have damaged threads.
> > The bolts go in fine but wont tighten and if you wiggle the bolt you can
> > pull it out.
>That sounds fishy.
>Do the holes look chewed up?  Did somebody strip the threads?
>Are you using the right size bolt?
>Can you get a nut on the back side of the hole?
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