[time-nuts] lunatic fringe time standards

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Thu Apr 15 06:42:40 EDT 2010

If you're not looking for DIY / surplus stuff, check Schomandl or Hopf 
in Lüdenscheid

Eugen Leitl schrieb:
> Hi -- a couple somewhat lunatic questions. Figured this would
> be the best place to ask.
> Anyone aware of a time standard which compensates in regards
> to an ideal flat-spacetime-at-rest-relatively-to-cosmic-background
> reference clock? I realize this is not relevant for any affordable
> clocks.
> Unrelated, anyone aware of a hardware (IC) counter which
> counts in a (local-bitflip) Gray code, so it can track a very
> fast (integrated?) oscillator without dropping cycles? 
> P.S. Thanks for pointing me towards GPSDOs. Any European/German
> local alternatives to the Trimble Thunderbolt?

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