[time-nuts] - Thunderbolt quits

Mike Naruta AA8K aa8k at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 21:36:02 EDT 2010

Please excuse the individual message.

Tom, I sent you a direct reply over 24 hours ago, and
I suspect that e-mail from me to you is being filtered,
as I also sent you a direct e-mail on 6/April about
my Thunderbolt problem.  I have been using your
tvb   leapsecond address.

Yes, I'd appreciate you taking a look at it Tom,
I'm out of my depth on it.  I was thinking it was
my PC, as it did it with TboltMon and Lady Heather.
Then when I got my fluke.l monitors, it was doing
it with the different hardware and cable.  My other
Thunderbolt is running just fine off the same
power supply.

I can send it FedEx Ground.  Should I send it
signature required?  Please include a telephone
number as FedEx requires one to create the
shipping label.

Mike - AA8K

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