[time-nuts] [OT] degausing

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 16 00:35:36 EDT 2010

Chuck Harris wrote:
> David Martindale wrote:
>> However, I don't see how the earth's tilted field prevents a CRT from 
>> being
>> used in both hemispheres.  I can see how it might need to be realigned,
>> since it uses permanent magnets on the yoke and their field will be
>> influenced by the earth's local field.  But a different model for the
>> southern hemisphere?
> It has to be made somewhere, and if that somewhere has a magnetic field
> that points in the opposite direction, of where the CRT is going to be
> used, it is going to be aligned wrong.  The answer can be as simple as
> readjusting the magnets on the CRT.
> The real solution is to put the CRT in a magnetic shield.
> -

And, of course Trinitron tubes, since they have only one gun, no 
shadowmask, and synchronize by looking for the backscatter from the 
face, are immune to such convergence effects.

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