[time-nuts] [OT] degausing

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 17 17:23:29 EDT 2010

Hi Magnus,You beat me to it. Many years ago a friend brought a high end CRT computer monitor back from Australia. The colours were off (Purity). I told him that it was because Australian monitors only work upside down. He didn't believe me, so one bet of a 6 pack later I turned it upside down and  enjoyed my beer ;-) It wasn't perfect upside down, but it was a lot better.
Robert G8RPI.

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Craig S McCartney wrote:
> Magnus,
> No, we did not think of that at the time.  A good idea, but if it worked
> the customers at the trade show would have had to stand on their heads
> to see the picture properly. 

Well, besides that it would be fun to see, it would at least have been a good test to clear out if it was broken or just not adjusted.

I would assume that near equator would be another trimming.


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