[time-nuts] GPS receiver stuck at South Pole :)

Jean-Louis Oneto Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
Sun Apr 18 19:57:39 EDT 2010

Sorry for late reply, I was away from home.
I spoke of high latitude problem mostly from book knowledge (GPS system 
specifications), et had in maind the navigation application, where you need 
at least 3 (2D+time fix) or better 4 (3D+time fix) birds.
Otherwise, my higher latitude experience  was around Borås, Sweden, and even 
if I had the feeling to get rather less bird than in South of France, my 
Garmin (iQue3600) was still very useable up there.
Have a nice day,
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>> Congratulations ;-}
>> Most of the time, it's rather difficult to get a GPS working at high
>> latitudes...
> Is it high or low latitudes at the South Pole?  ;-)
> Back to your GPS experiences... at what latitudes have you had problems?
> What kind of application/type of receivers?
> --
>   Björn
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