[time-nuts] And you thought you were old

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Apr 20 11:14:18 EDT 2010

At 08:56 AM 4/20/2010, J. Forster wrote:
>Do you know the story of the CK722?
>In the 1950s, Raytheon was making tiny transistors for hearing aids to
>replace the pre-WW II subminiature tubes.
>Aside: Those tubes, developed by Norm Krim, were ruggedized and used in
>the WW II Proximity Fuzes, one of THE big inventions of WW II.

Neat story.  Strange that his name (according to google books) 
doesn't appear in "The Deadly Fuze".  It's still a good book, BTW.

newell  N5TNL 

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