[time-nuts] 4501 Netclock

Joe S. Borovetz wa5vms at tapr.org
Wed Apr 21 22:43:00 EDT 2010

Has anyone successfully used a Thunderbolt GPS  with a 4501 Netclock 
based on the design that John Ackermann
describes on his web page.

As far as the 10 MHz and 1PPS signals, they should be no problem. 
What I am concerned about is whether or not the Thunderbolt 
RS-232  port supplies the time information in the correct format.

Also, I am interested in other options for a Netclock OS as opposed to NanoBSD.

If NanoBSD is the best way to go, that is the OS that I will use. I 
am trying to avoid loading a PC with another OS  just to build the 
Netclock. Not that I am lazy, it is a matter of available free time. 
something that is in short supply these days.


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